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meaning of life

2007-07-20 04:26:41 by Take-Down

yay, i just realised that since the redisgn is up, there wont be anymore threads about that stupid meaning of life picture that was in the old flash portal


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2007-07-20 05:10:59

I think the meaning of life is to have fun


2007-07-20 06:35:30

I thought the same, except, I'm gonna miss it. :(


2007-07-20 10:47:41

Meh, that always annoyed me because of all the threads.


2007-07-20 10:51:21

Normally, you would be reading some witty remark right about now. Unfortunately, I am a uninspired netgeek, so the meaning of life will have to do:

It is like a drop of water that has risen from the sea and in a shower has fallen in a puddle, then drifts into a brook, finds its way into a stream, after that into a river, passing through mountain gorges and wide plains, winding this way and that, obstructed by rocks and fallen trees, till at least it reaches the boundless seas from which it rose. But that poor little drop of water, when it has once more become one with the sea, has surely lost its individuality.

You want to taste sugar, you don't want to become sugar. What is individuality but the expression of our egoism? Until the soul has shed the last trace of that it cannot become one with the Absolute.