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Entry #3

collection project

2007-11-07 06:05:26 by Take-Down

i had an idea for a great collab a while back.

i would be a movie with everything in it. to see how many collections it could get into.
each person can do what ever they want. as long as there is a collection for it.

comment and tell me what u think


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2007-11-07 06:43:30

It sounds like something the kitty krew (or similar group) would make to get attention.

Take-Down responds:

yeah....but i wouldnt do it for attention i would have standards and it wouldnt be a load of shit


2007-11-07 11:09:04

Seems ok...

you should join an animating club tho to like... promote the idea better... :P


2008-01-05 02:52:55

I tink dis idea is gayz. lawl.. and you have a stupid hair! and j00 could never eat a full donut for a spachoolarz for a gawd nutz!